Where the SUITCASE Team are Travelling for the Holidays

Travel editors. They're never far from an airport, have always checked out the newest hotel openings and can reel off a list of restaurant recommendations quicker than you can recite your own address. But where do they spend their downtime? With the holidays afoot, we're letting you in on where the SUITCASE team is headed. From Galway to Oslo via Edinburgh, the scope is broad, the flight times variable and the mass food consumption a certainty.

Driving home (and away) for Christmas

India Dowley

Digital Editor-in-Chief

I can't get enough of Italy in the summer and have now managed to incorporate it into my winter plans with a road trip around South Tyrol. This autonomous region at the northernmost tip of Italy is tucked between Austria, Switzerland and Lombardy and is known for gorgeous scenery thanks to the dramatic Dolomites, glassy mountain lakes and medieval towns. We've only booked accommodation for the first night and don't have much of a plan beyond eating and drinking our way around various mountain restaurants (the region has a smattering of Michelin stars). Riesling and reading are order of the day, along with bracing walks and plenty of fresh air.

Serena Guen


In the weeks leading up to Christmas I'll be incredibly busy, so I'm opting for a weekend staycation at Cliveden House. Towards the end of the month I'll be switching my gloves and the tube for a bikini and a surfboard in the Maldives. The holiday days are some of the few that I don't have to check my email constantly so I can focus on disconnecting, practising yoga and spending as much time in the sea as possible.

Layla Pacha

Social Media Executive

This year I'm heading to Switzerland for a white Christmas with the family. I'll be eating my weight in melted cheese, having a glass (or three!) of mulled wine and swapping my winter boots for a pair of skis (and the occasional snowboard). Once the slopes have been hit, you'll find me snuggled in front of the fire, engaged in the annual winner-takes-all board-game tournament.

Rae Boocock

Sub Editor

After stocking up on gifts at Brighton's many Christmas markets and artists' open houses, I'll be heading north to join my close family just outside of Blackpool. I've been a bad daughter this year and haven't been home home since February, so I'm looking forward to getting a few lungfuls of Lancashire air. Between gorging on books and food, days will be spent refereeing my kids (read: cats) and my parents' dogs, coupled with the odd walking excursion in the Lake District - Keswick is especially charming at this time of year. Christmas-day dip in the Irish Sea TBD.

Caroline Baneth

Head of Content & Strategy

Having been lucky enough to tick off a bucket-list holiday to the Philippines this year, I'll be staying at home in London, overindulging in good wine, better food and the best company by way of my family and friends. It's always manic leading up to the holidays, so I am going to use the time to recharge and start planning next year's holidays over a glass (ahem, few) of mulled wine.

Gilly Hopper

Deputy Digital Editor

I'm heading home to Dublin this Christmas to share the holidays with my close family. After one too many sofa-spent days have accrued, I'll be venturing West, to Barna, County Galway, in search of sofas new and some more good food (Galway Bay prawns on brown soda bread are a must), enjoyed with my extended collective of cousins. After getting my fill of coastal walks and home-cooked meals, I'm Berlin-bound to ring in the New Year with some of my best pals - plans (as standard) are TBC.

Dave Harvey

Senior Partnerships Manager

I'll be embarking on a two-day drive and ferry ride (with Billy the whippet in tow) to Northern Ireland, taking in the glorious Cheshire countryside on route. The Christmas break will mostly involve long dog walks, lots of eating and spending quality time with my family. And let's not forget a Guinness or three in the local.

Line Charles

E-Commerce Manager

This year I'm going back to my parents' in Oslo to visit my mountaintop childhood home and go cross-country skiing and eat lutefisk. Hopefully, my two-year-old son will get to experience a white Christmas with lots of snow, see moose and ride a sleigh for the first time. We'll head back to London and celebrate Christmas Day with my family-in-law - I'm looking forward to a feast of British, West Indian and Asian food (the latter of which I'll bring). Afterwards my little multicultural family will jump on a plane to Jamaica where my son will explore more of his Carribean roots. It'll be an intense Christmas, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Olivia Morelli

Editorial Assistant

Each year I head to the west coast of Scotland to celebrate Christmas with family, where most of my time is spent comatose by the fire after copious amounts of food, reading some of the books that have accumulated on my bedside table over the last few months, or snoozing on the sofa with several of our family's five dogs. In the new year I'm flying out to Phoenix, Arizona to spend a week hiking through canyons and national parks, and (naturally) eating my way around the city.

Katie Oldworth

Social Media Manager

I'll be heading home to West Sussex for Christmas with my family to get my fill of home-cooked meals and long dog walks with my sisters, all between viewings of The Holiday, Love Actually and The Snowman, for pure nostalgia (while devouring the best Quality Streets). I'm having friends to stay in Sussex over New Year's Eve, for a few days of fresh air and far too much food - I'll be spending the first day of 2020 in The Witterings, with a bracing walk along the coast before defrosting in a cosy pub for a well-deserved lunch and drinks by the fire.