Quiz: What Type of Traveller are You? (Plus, the SUITCASE Magazine You Should Read)

Quiz: What Type of Traveller are You? (Plus, the SUITCASE Magazine You Should Read)

How do you decide which kind of getaway is right for you? Take this quiz before planning your next trip. Plus, we’ll match your traveller type with the SUITCASE magazine – discounted for Black Friday – guaranteed to entertain and inspire.

no single best way to explore the world. So, how do you
decide which kind of getaway is right for you? Take this quiz
before planning your next trip. Perhaps you’re a lover of slow,
sustainable travel or happier in a fast-paced city. Maybe your
craving for adventure is outweighed by your appetite for a meal
shared with locals.

Simply pick an answer from a to f in the questions below, tally
up the number of each letter and read the corresponding profile.
We’ve matched each traveller type to the SUITCASE magazine
guaranteed to entertain and inspire. Better yet, if you click
through to our shop between 27-30 November, you’ll enjoy up to 50
per cent off as part of the Black Friday sale.

The SUITCASE Quiz: find your traveller type and the best Black
Friday deal for you

1) During lockdown, I have been…

a) Rediscovering my neighbourhood

b) Decluttering my home

c) Feeding my sourdough starter

d) Joining talks/ gigs/ clubs over Zoom

e) Learning a new craft or skill

f) Planning a post-lockdown trip

2) Which of the following factors ranks most highly when
choosing a destination?

a) Sustainability. The lower the carbon footprint of my journey,
the better

b) Finding balance. I want to leave a place feeling relaxed and

c) Culture. I seek out places with strong identities in which I
can immerse myself

d) Events. I line up trips with various happenings so I can see
a destination, neighbourhood or a particular scene at its best

e) Escapism. I want the time and space to disconnect from my
everyday life

f) Variety. I want to experience something new

3) The best way to get under the skin of a place is by…

a) Meeting locals

b) Immersing myself in nature

c) Trying the local cuisine

d) Visiting museums and galleries

e) Exploring by foot or bicycle

f) Seeking out lesser-known places

4) Which of the following destinations would you most like to

a) Outer Hebrides, Scotland

b) West Sweden, Sweden

c) Sicily, Italy

d) Chicago, US

e) Shōnai, Japan

f) Liuwa Plain, Zambia

5) What would be your accommodation of choice?

a) Holiday let

b) Spa hotel

c) Restaurant with rooms

d) A hotel with a coworking space and/ or members’ club

e) Off-grid cabin

f) Camping

6) I never set off on holiday without…

a) A reusable water bottle

b) On-the-go skincare essentials

c) Snacks

d) A well-planned itinerary

e) A book

f) Decent walking shoes

7) The last thing I do before I set off on a trip is…

a) Write a thank-you note to the neighbour who’ll be watering my

b) Yoga stretches. There’s nothing worse than feeling stiff on
the road

c) Grab a coffee

d) Check the traffic/ tickets/ hotel reservation

e) Turn on my OOO. Log out of social media accounts

f) Make sure my portable charger(s) is charged

8) What kind of souvenir are you most likely to pick up?

a) Thrifted treasures or something from a small, local

b) An artisanal self-care potion/ lotion/ remedy

c) As many local delicacies as are permissible in a carry on

d) A tacky magnet. My fridge is covered in them

e) Memories

f) A fossil I found on the beach

Mostly A: The Grounded Spirit

You’re the homebody at heart, but that doesn’t mean you’re
averse to adventure. Rather, you like to feel a deep connection to
a place, whether that’s through engaging with people or immersing
yourself in a storied landscape. That’s why you’ll enjoy Vol. 32:
, in which we shine a light on the UK’s under-radar
neighbourhoods and subcultures as we encourage responsible, local

Mostly B: The Good Lifer

For you, travel is an opportunity to examine the strains of our
everyday existence and reclaim some balance in untarnished
surroundings. In Vol. 30
we explore the many paths that lead towards (or through)
a life well-lived by way of forest bathing in Japan, meeting
punk-rock farmers in Portland and detoxing at a Swiss spa.

Mostly C: The Gourmand

You know that the best way to get a taste of a destination is
through its stomach, whether that means eating roti from a market
in Deli, snagging a table at Copenhagen’s up-and-coming restaurant
or scouting out Lima’s freshest ceviche. Whet your appetite with
Vol. 29: Taste, an epicurean grand tour that
takes in the fertile soils of Crete and South Sudan’s refugee camps
as we chew the fat with chef Francis Mallmann in Provence.

Mostly D: The Urbanite

You needn’t scale a mountain or wash up on exotic shores to be a
traveller. For you, the gritty edges of a city are as appealing as
a wispy forest shrouded in mist. These are places that shape who we
are, where variety, culture, freneticism and anonymity collide.
Sound like you? Get lost in Vol. 28: Cities, as it whisks you from Athens to
Uzbekistan via Chicago.

Mostly E: The Soul Searcher

Today, we live in two worlds: the futuristic world of the fast
(hyper-real, tech-amplified, ever-accelerating) and the
retrospective world of the slow (authentic, off-grid, reflective).
You seek solace in the latter. Carve out some silent space as you
peruse Vol. 24: Slow,
which embraces mindful travel in the form of a pilgrimage in
south-east England, a throwback journey on the Orient Express and a
cycling-induced epiphany in the hills of Transylvania.

Mostly F: The Explorer

You’re the kind of insatiable traveller that craves experience.
Sharing travel stories at dinner parties? Yours are guaranteed to
raise eyebrows. You may not be sure what “authentic” really means,
but you pursue it with abandon. Make your next conquest Vol 23. Adventure, which spirits you from the
rainforests of Borneo to the rum-soaked islands of Nicaragua and
along plenty of roads less travelled in between.

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