Your Post-Lockdown Travel Horoscope: Top Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

Your Post-Lockdown Travel Horoscope: Top Destinations for Your Zodiac Sign

Faced with an uncertain post-pandemic future, many are turning to astrology as their guiding star. As we look ahead to Jupiter’s transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, an astrologer lets us in on what this means for where you should travel when lockdown ends.

a world where everything is topsy-turvy, we’re seeking ways
to make sense of our lives. Faced with future of unknowns, many are
turning to traditional astrology as their guiding star. After all,
despite us earthlings coming to a standstill, the planets continue
to move and affect our energies.

Take big boy Jupiter, for example. It’s the planet of
exploration, travelling, learning and growth, and guess where it is
right now? In Capricorn, the sign of structure, restriction, and
practicality. To the astrally uninitiated, this means that the
universe is begging us to sit down, visualise our goals and be a
little less spontaneous. Coincidence? I think not.

Capricorn is the father of the Zodiac, so think of it like this:
it’s a bit traditional, wants us to regularly check in with our
grandparents and likes wearing khaki shorts – socks and sandals,
optional. Just like those fathers who would choose a barbecue over
a Bedouin desert tour, when this sign is crossed by Jupiter, it’s
essentially asking us to lay low on the travelling. Not completely
stop, but exercise a little bit more caution. We’re talking
closer-to-home staycations, long weekends in the countryside and
refamiliarising ourselves with the beautiful spaces we’re lucky
enough to inhabit. We might find we don’t need a plane to get the
thrill of an adventure and find a renewed appreciation for our
surroundings. Exotic food is delicious, but sharing a Sunday roast
with your father has a certain special something about it.

If we take this time to approach travel in a structured way,
planning and budgeting, we’ll be set to face Jupiter’s transit into
Aquarius on 19 December. That’s when we’ll get a push from the
water-bearer to manifest our plans and think outside the box. We’re
talking one-in-a-lifetime trips and back-into-the-world adventures.
Throughout 2021, Jupiter will move back and forth between Aquarius
and Pisces, and our travel choices will go from quirky and bold to
spiritual and life-changing. With all of this on the lunar plate,
it makes sense that the stars decided to grant us a bit of time to
focus and get our plans together.

We know there’s been a lot of time between Zoom calls
and dreaming of different destinations and, as a result, our
must-visit lists are overflowing. That’s why we’ve compiled this
guide to help you get focused and get started, in true Capricorn


Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Nothing can stop an Aries – that’s a fact. During these crazy
circumstances, you still manage to be productive and find ways to
achieve your goals, however big or small. You never take a break,
and we love you for this, but it’s essential to slow down and find
a compromise between conquering the world and, you know, chilling.
Balance is key, so head to Lake Wanaka, in
New Zealand
. Don’t let the serene lake or the silent mountains
surrounding it fool you: you won’t get bored. Whether hiking or
trying your hand at water sports, you’ll have plenty of occasions
to burn off all that extra energy and, for once, breathe. Just take
a look at the peaceful Wanaka tree standing still in the middle of
the lake. Don’t you already feel more Zen?


Yunnan Province, China

Tauri are home buddies until they’re told they have to be,
proving the typical stubbornness of the sign is a real thing.
You’re craving adventure, exploration, growth and can’t wait to let
loose and discover everything about the Earth and the different
traditions that make it our favourite place in the solar system.
Let your eyes fill with wonder in Yunnan, the Southern region of
China known for its Avatar-esque peaks and dreamlike landscapes.
Quench your thirst for culture in the most diverse region of the
country and bask in the vivid folklore of the 25 ethnic minority
groups harmoniously living together. You’ll come to appreciate all
the different ways that this planet can wow and, at last, feel at
home even in the most remote parts of the world.


Cilento, Italy

Cilento is the warm region Southern Italy filled with sun,
beaches and incredible ruins left behind by the ancient Grees. The
Paestum temples will make you wonder if you mistakenly ended up in
Athens, but the food will reassure you that Naples is just around
the corner. Geminis will especially appreciate the amiable people.
If you thought the guy at your local pizzeria was friendly, think
again. Now that you’re willing to engage in real conversations and
not just pretend you’re listening (we know you do that), the land
of the welcoming Cilentani will be a cure-all for your socialite
spirit. Filled with warm hugs, moonlit dances and a special version
of cream-filled cannoli, this is the trip for you.


Carcassonne, France

Cancerians have witnessed their relationships blossom these past
months, whether romantic, platonic or professional. This extra time
has allowed you to focus your energies on the people you love and
what better way to end this cocooning period than with a fairy-tale
worthy destination? If you’ve enjoyed Disney+ get ready to find
Disney IRL in Carcassonne, France. This fortified city will make
you fall in love with it’s soaring towers, picture-perfect canals
and impressive cathedrals and serve as the ideal backdrop for a
romantic getaway to the South of France. Uncork a bottle of
delicious French wine and wear your most Instagrammable outfit for
an afternoon walk by Canal du Midi or indulge in a croissant or two
on a lazy Sunday morning. Live the royal lifestyle you deserve.


Tofino Island, BC, Canada

If you were born under the Leo constellation, you might have
appreciated the extra time you had to get your life together.
Meditation, a new workout routine, lemon water in the morning, the
whole shebang. This is the new you, and there’s no reason to give
that all up while travelling. Tofino, on Vancouver Island, is a
little healthy den waiting to get conquered by your infectious
energy. This millennial version of a surf town will have your
creative (green) juices flowing and steal your heart with the
stunning nature of British Columbia. It’s a win-win situation: you
can recharge your batteries and flaunt your wetsuit at the same


Cartagena, Colombia

The planets have spoken: uptight Virgo is ready to let loose.
After this forced confinement, you’re all about having fun and
enjoying life. You’ve had plenty of time to satisfy your
overthinking tendencies, now all there’s left to do is dance, drink
and date (casually). South America is the place to be when it comes
to carefree frolicking, and
should be on your radar. In the last few years, this
Colombian gem has proven to be the Latina hotspot thanks to its
wild salsa parties and all-night-long celebrations, but the
colourful city is also a joy for the eyes. Nothing will stop you
from spending your night twirling around on the beach, and then
getting up before midday to hit the museums. You’re a Virgo after


Portree, Scotland, UK

Drake is a Scorpio, but it’s Libras that are loving their beds
and their mommas right now. Jupiter in Capricorn puts you in a
nest-feathering mood: all you want to do is kick back on the sofa
and invest in fancy scented candles. You’re enjoying this time off
from the world, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t eager to get back
out into the world like the rest of us. Portree is a twee village
on the
Isle of Skye
, in Scotland, and it’s a perfect compromise
between exploration and cosy vibes. Take a walk in front of the
pastel houses by the water, or sit down to enjoy a book under the
hillside. Just like a sip of copious amounts of freshly brewed tea
we’ve been drinking, Portree’s picturesque views will soothe your


Vilnius, Lithuania

If you’re a Scorpio, chances are you used this time to fantasise
about all the places you’ll be able to visit soon. You’ve probably
built a dream city in your mind comprised of funky buildings and
lively streets. Luckily for you, this place is not just a figment
of your imagination. Enter
, Lithuania, a hidden gem of the Baltic states that’s
about to become your favourite destination. The Old Town is a
Unesco Heritage Site and full of quirky sculptures to keep you
entertained. Don’t miss out on the independent Republic of Užupis,
Lithuania’s answer to the Danish Christiania, for that little edge
Scorpio folk just can’t stay away from.


Sumba Island, Indonesia

If Sagittarians have learnt anything from these past weeks, it’s
that they are enough. Actually, they’re pretty awesome. Those born
under the archer sign have worked on their self worth and are
continuing their journey of self-discovering. When you’re in the
mood for some flowers in your hair and crystalline water, you
should make a beeline for Indonesia. For a really rejuvenating
trip, though, avoid
and head to Sumba. This little island offers the divine
treatment you’re after, without skipping on the luscious landscapes
for which Southeast Asia is famed. For maximum empowerment, embark
on this trip solo, but no one would judge you if you decided to
bring company. Take a yoga class, admire the wild horses on the
beach and treat yourself – you deserve it.


Pokhara, Nepal

Jupiter is in your sign and you’re ready to thrive. We all knew
Capricorns were going to take over the world eventually, and the
time has finally come. It’s the moment to go after new experiences,
pursue your dreams and embark on a life-changing trip (as soon as
you’re able to, at least). Imagine walking down a narrow street and
looking up to admire the majestic Annapurna massif. Pokhara in
Nepal will let you do just that. The city is a great base camp for
those who want to take advantage of the transformative power of a
Nepalese hike, while also combining stunning lakes, snow-capped
mountains and mind-blowing scenery. Prepare to begin a
transformative journey that will take you five inches from the


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

You take pride in being independent and detached, so these
recent feelings of loneliness might have come as a surprise for
you. Energies around you are flying low before Jupiter moves into
your sign and sets off a huge expansion period for all Aquarians.
In the meantime, you might be looking for ways to cope with these
confusing emotions, even turning to spirituality and the cosmos in
some instances. A mystical retreat in Brazil, land of the mystical
and the unknown, will deepen your relationship with the invisible.
Head to the Rio Grande do Sul state for breathtaking waterfalls and
giant cliffs, and let the power of nature ground you.


Baja California, Mexico

As a Pisces, you tend to be introverted. All you want is an old
jeep, the sea breeze and your feet on the dashboard. Trust us, a
road trip through
Baja California
will scratch the itch. This part of Mexico
tends to get a little neglected in favour of bigger cities and
party towns, which means its natural beauty is still intact.
Crystal clear water and cacti are waiting for you just south of the
border. Dive deep into your aquatic element surfing and whale
watching, then stop at La Paz for some authentic Mexican food and
connect to your celestial self in the Moon Valley.

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