East London Photo Stories

Hackney’s tranquil waterways and flower markets to
delightfully grotty 1980s Dalston and the raucous nightlife of
Shoreditch, East
is awash with hidden narratives, subtle beauty and
unexpected humour – often thanks to residents who are as eccentric
as they are eclectic.

This compilation of photographs is dedicated to East London’s
outdoor swimmers, overall-clad young mothers, bleary-eyed
footballers and ethereal landscapes. As typified as the subjects
they photograph, this curated selection of photographers explore a
cross section of one of the capital’s most vibrant areas and it’s
ever-evolving populace through a timelapse of photographic

Photographer Chris Dorley-Brown spent two summers in the
mid-1980s photographing drivers stuck in traffic jams; the cars,
colours, haircuts and expressions of frustration capture the mood
and tone of a unique era in Thatcher’s Britain.

Zed Nelson has lived his whole life in Hackney – it was there he
learnt to ride a bike, first took drugs and lost his virginity. His
work highlights the complexity, contradictions and clash of
cultures in an ever-changing Hackney.

Shot with a 1950s Rolleiflex, Andrew Holligan’s black-and-white
images of Dalston in the 1980s are accompanied by hand-written
notes and give a glimpse into the lives of numerous characters he
met during two years spent living in Dalston.

Photographer Johanna Neurath has ventured down Columbia Road
nearly every Sunday for the past 10 years to visit the flower
market. Turning her attention to the colour and pattern left behind
as the market clears out, Neurath focusses on strangely beautiful
displays in gutters, hazy reflections in windows and the abstract
forms created by cigarette butts and polystyrene cups strewn across
the road.

East London Photo Stories is published by
Hoxton Mini Press

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