SUITCASE is both a source for arm-chair and literal travelling, giving you a point of access to cultures around the world. Our purpose is to inspire you to travel and offer you the best advice and recommendations once you reach your destination.

We work to source locals on the ground who truly know the best of what their home has to offer, whether they’re in Berlin or São Paulo. Our Explore page offers you the most valuable travel resource you’ve ever come across, with succinct recommendations that you can trust.

The writers who contribute to our Stories pages are both intrepid travellers and people who are curious about the world around them. This is an ideal place to read long-form features and be moved by what’s going on globally in culture.

Travel shouldn’t be about that one holiday you take every year. Even if you don’t have the time or resources to explore more than that, we’re here to bring travel into your daily routine.

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City Guides

You know how you have that one incredible friend who knows their city inside out? Yeah, that’s us. We take the world’s most dynamic destinations, hand-pick the best parts and give them to you in one place. This is the kind of guide that you don’t need to run by a local. Eat your heart out, shop ‘til you drop, drink like a fish, dance your socks off, sleep – then repeat.

Editor's Pick

Face to Face: An Encounter with Central Africa’s Elusive Mountain Gorillas

This article appears in SUITCASE Volume 20: Homelands. I am balancing on a springy tangle…

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Insider Guides

Where do the world’s best chefs eat? And where would you find your favourite DJ dancing the night away? Get the inside word on the best things to do in your favourite cities and beyond from some of the most in-the-know people on the planet.

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Inspiring stories of intrigue and adventure from around the world. This is your haven for some arm-chair travelling – an excellent form of procrastination.

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Photo Journals

Incoming: Richard Mosse on the Refugee Crisis

Photo Journals

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Photo Journals

Native Land

emily garthwaite india feature

Photo Journals

India is a Street Photographer’s Dream


Photo Journals

A Balinese Adventure

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