Soul-lifting Scents and Heavenly Hammams: A Beauty Insider’s Guide to Morocco with whind Founder Hind Sebti

Take a sun-kissed stroll around Morocco’s maze-like medinas, windswept beaches and best-loved beauty hotspots with whind founder Hind Sebti.

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might be known for its sensual scents of orange blossom
and rose-water, but it’s the country’s rich heritage of traditional
beauty rituals that first motivated Hind
to create her own skincare brand. Confronted by the
‘all-head, no-heart’ ethos apparent in the skincare products she
encountered during her 20-year career in the beauty industry, Hind
saw an opportunity to create a range of science-led formulas that
elevated self-care into joy-filled and result-producing routines.
She seized the opportunity and whind was born.

Armed with her vast experience in the industry, plus her
intimate knowledge of Morocco’s beauty, Hind created a range of
transportive and sensual skincare formulas that celebrate the joy
of skincare routines while delivering highly effective results.
Here she tells us about the places she always makes a beeline for
when in Morocco, where to find the best mint tea in Tangier and the
traditional Moroccan beauty tips we should be giving a whirl on our

Discover Morocco’s best-kept beauty hotspots with whind founder Hind Sebti

What do you love about Morocco?

It’s my home. The country gave me everything and has made me who
I am. Morocco is also where I learnt about beauty: the beauty of
architecture, craftsmanship, heritage, tradition and ritual. From
Morocco’s breathtaking coastal towns, imperial medinas and
ancestral modernity to the famed generosity and happiness of its
people, the magic of my native country has left a warm imprint on
my soul that I’ll always carry with me.

How has Morocco inspired you?

My vision of beauty as a happy and grounded glow “from the
inside out” was inspired by Moroccan culture and traditions. When
it came to the sensorial experience of our products, Morocco was
also my natural inspiration. I wanted to incorporate soul-lifting
scents like amber, orange blossom and rhassoul clay that were
familiar to me and would create a transportive experience.

How would you describe your beauty brand?

We stand as an antidote to cold, functional and soulless
skincare products by promoting a warm glow that radiates from the
inside out. In crafting high-performance formulas that blend
science-led innovation with tantalising textures and intoxicating
scents, we built a range of products that are both addictive to use
and which deliver extraordinary results.

Talk us through an ideal day in your spiritual hometown,
Tangier. Where should we stay and where should we stop for a mint

I love Tangier. I spent all of my summer holidays there until I
was 19, but I haven’t been back in years. I miss it hugely.

To sleep, I would recommend La Maison de
l’Eléphant Blanc
for its spectacular views of the sea and
stunning Moroccan-Mediterranean interiors.

For the sweetest mint tea in town, head to the iconic Al Haffa
Café, which overlooks the Bay of Tangier. It boasts superlative
views of the city and always draws an eclectic mix of people,
spanning rock stars to politicians and everyone in between.

What are your must-visit markets in Tangier? Is there a secret
stall we should know about?

I always look out for the old bookshops hidden in little
openings in the walls of the old medina’s maze of streets. They
sell treasured old English, French and Spanish books that tell
wonderful stories of the people of Tangier, with many of them
having been handed down over generations.

What’s the best day trip within easy reach of the city?

The wild and seemingly endless Mediterranean beaches.

You grew up in the imperial city of Meknes, a former capital of
Morocco. What should we do here for a culture fix?

The old town is a Unesco World Heritage site and has been
preserved very well. It’s definitely worth getting lost in the
endless warren of small streets in the medina, with a mandatory
stop at the spice market. Merchants will offer you a glass of mint
tea or a handful of dates as you stop to catch your breath and
watch the world go by.

How has Morocco influenced your groundbreaking concept of Warm

Growing up in Morocco taught me that beauty is just as much
about how it makes you feel as about how it makes you look. It
shouldn’t be a chore, but a ritualistic moment of self-care that
allows you to glow from the inside out. This mindset is what
inspired me to add the warmth to our science-led formulas in order
to create products that people will love, and therefore use every

Talk us through your ideal wellness weekend In Morocco. Where
are your favourite spas?

I love Mazagan Beach Resort on the Atlantic coast. It’s
conveniently only about an hour south of bustling
– the beaches there are often deserted and the
resort’s spa has blissful views across the ocean.

A traditional Moroccan hammam treatment is also unmissable – I
love the Carita Hammam & Spa in Casablanca for a truly
indulgent experience.

Any other tips for a rejuvenating weekend?

Escape to Ifrane, one of the loveliest villages in the Atlas
Mountains. It’s snowy and picture-perfect in winter, and
delightfully refreshing in summer.

Where can we find the best hammam in Morocco?

There are so many wonderful hammams across Morocco, but La Mamounia in
Marrakech is particularly magical.

We’re on the hunt for traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. Where
should we go?

For traditional craftsmanship, head to any souk in the old towns
and Rabat and you won’t be disappointed.

I’m also very excited about a new generation of young
entrepreneurs we’ve been featuring in our whind spotlight – a programme we’ve set up to
showcase local talent carrying the torch for timeless Moroccan
craftsmanship with a contemporary edge.

Where’s next on your Morocco hit list?

Dakhla, in southern Morocco.

One beauty tip we must try on our next trip to Morocco?

Buy a fresh bottle of orange-blossom-water and splash it
generously onto your skin when in need of a pick-me-up, or soak
some rose-water onto your eyes with bamboo pads for a moment of
pure relaxation.

A whind beauty product we shouldn’t forget to pack in our
makeup bag?

Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil – a
multitasking oil that nourishes the face and hair and highlights
cheeks, lips and eyelids for the perfect makeup base.

Finally, which whind products should we pop in our carry-on for
our next Moroccan getaway?

Our dreamy Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser, for a
super-effective yet gentle cleanse. I’d also recommend our Sahara Silk Vanishing Cream Exfoliator to detox
pores and polish your skin ready for the magical Moroccan light.
Our highly sensual and nourishing Kasbah Moonlight Transforming Cream to Oil Nightly
is another travel must-have – stash it in your carry-on
and apply generously on long- and short-haul flights.

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