Around the World in 12 New Flavour-Filled Cookbooks

Transporting home cooks from the spice-infused kitchens of India to Puerto Rico’s sun-baked street-food stands, these are the tastiest new cookbooks to set your sights on

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Food is our favourite language. It is one that is both universal and that allows us to discover the history, culture and rituals of a destination. It's through a shared meal that we form friendships and relationships, where communities connect and boundaries are forgotten. In 2022, you don't need to hop on a flight to taste the many flavours of the world; you can indulge from the comfort of your own kitchen. With that in mind, we've feasted through the tastiest bookshelves to bring you the hottest new cookbook releases. Travelling from the sun-baked street-food stands of Puerto Rico to Italy's family-run pizzerias, these 12 titles are set to satisfy both your wanderlust and your culinary curiosity.

12 new cookbooks to feast on

Tava, Irina Georgescu

Tava: Eastern European Baking and Desserts from Romania and Beyond

by Irina Georgescu

Trava is a Romanian word that translates as "tray", a smart metaphor used by the author to represent the banquet of a book she's serving. Taking in the culture-rich heritage of Romania, these pages transport readers through the small communities preserving centuries-old recipes through a combination of stunning landscapes, stories and dishes spanning Saxon plum pies to Jewish fritters, Hungarian langosi and German strudels. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the lowdown on the legendary eastern European patisserie shops.

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Masala: Recipes from India, the Land of Spices

by Anita Jaisinghani

Award-winning chef Anita Jaisinghani sets out to prove that Indian cuisine can be healthy, delicious and accessible in her instantly likeable book Masala. Using the teachings of the ancient Ayurveda - an Indian medicine system that takes a holistic approach towards mental and physical health through natural foods - chapters celebrate season, texture and colour, outline the correct use of curated spice blends, and educate readers on bringing balance to fiery plates. Hello, homemade sweet and savoury chutneys, flaky samosas and crispy pakoras.

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Pierogi, Zuza Zak

Pierogi: Over 50 Recipes to Create Perfect Polish Dumplings

by Zuzu Zak

After two years of researching and writing, Zuzu Zak launched Pierogi in late-summer - and we've been hooked ever since. A love letter to the Polish dumpling, the book takes readers on a journey through Poland to discover the stories and memories that have seen the delicacy both preserved and reimagined, taking in centuries-old family recipes as well as vegan and gluten-intolerant fillings. Read our recent feature on Zak's childhood inspirations and her favourite spots to feast on top-notch pierogi.

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Motherland: A Jamaican Cookbook

by Melissa Thompson

The Jamaican cookbook that champions the people, history and influences of the Caribbean, Motherland showcases the beautiful patchwork that is Jamaican cuisine today. Recipes are married with essays that chart the origins and evolution of iconic dishes, with contributions by indigenous Jamaicans, the Taino, and sections on cooking techniques and the influence of indentured Indian and Chinese workers who came to the island. Classics such as saltfish fritters and curry goat and patties come with a side serving of contemporary classics: think oxtail nuggets, ginger beer prawn and sticky rum wings.

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Bowlful Book Cover

Bowlful: Fresh and Vibrant Dishes from Southeast Asia

by Norman Musa

Chef and author Norman Musa spent much of his life exploring the cultures and cuisines of Southeast Asia, picking up recipes and inspiration along the way. Bowlful is the distillation of his travels, with vibrant and simple bowl food from the many regions he has visited. From crisp, zingy salads to fresh and comforting rice bowls and tangles of tasty noodles, all recipes are crafted from healthy, readily sourced ingredients. It's never been easier to bring an authentic taste of Asia to your home.

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Africana CookBook

Africana: Treasured Recipes and Stories from Across the Continent

by Lerato Umah-Shaylor

Combining recipes passed down through generations with her own fresh and inventive style, food writer Lerato Umah-Shaylor shares stories of Africa with a delectable sense of adventure. Through some 100 recipes, foodies can step into the most treasured dishes of countries including Nigeria, Madagascar and Morocco. Each page is brimming with flavour and will have you rustling up coconut fish curry, harissa lamb with hibiscus, Tunisian tagines and the perfect jollof rice in no time.

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The Italian Pantry

The Italian Pantry

by Theo Randall

Proving that less is more, chef Theo Randall shares his 10 pantry staples that promise to form the basis for a soothingly comforting Italian meal. Ingredients range from juicy tomatoes and porcini mushrooms to zesty lemons and fresh-from-the-hive honey. Whether you're hosting a fancy five-course dinner party or are seeking the perfect simple pasta dish, The Italian Pantry is your answer. Our favourite recipe? The clam-stuffed fettuccine. You'll find a handful of delectable desserts and cake recipes on hand, too.

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Turnips' Edible Almanac: The Week-by-Week Guide to Cooking with Seasonal Ingredients

by Fred Foster

Fresh, seasonal food is shaking up the dining scene, but it can be somewhat difficult to find a farm-to-fork restaurant within close proximity to your pad. That's where Fred Foster's Turnips' Edible Almanac enters the picture. Foster, the fruit and veg supplier of Turnips - better known as Borough Market's best-loved outpost - offers a week-by-week guide to cooking with seasonal produce in a responsible way. From warm winter broths to lighter spring suppers, the 100 recipes (which include a selection from leading European chefs such as Gordon Ramsay) will revolutionise the way you cook and think about food.

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Vegan Baking Bible

The Vegan Baking Bible

by Karolina Tegelaar

An entire decade in the making, Karolina Tegelaar's vegan baking bible demonstrates that you don't have to compromise on flavour, texture or the finish of your cake because it's vegan. From carrot cakes and chocolate cookies to madeleines and fist-sized muffins, old classics are presented using new techniques and with plant-based products swapped in for traditional ingredients. Pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate soufflé, here we come.

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by Illyanna Maisonet

Illyanna Maisonet spent years documenting her family's Puerto Rican recipes and preserving the island's disappearing dishes. In Diasporican, 90 recipes, many of which were passed down from her grandmother, combine to form a love letter to the flavours of her childhood. From tostones to gandules and BBQ guava sauce, this visual record of Puerto Rican food, ingredients and techniques celebrates the island's authentic flavours and centuries-old traditions and reflects the diversity and ingenuity of its free-spirited people. Read more on Puerto Rico's food scene with our feature on the street-food stands worth detouring for.

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The British Cookbook

by Ben Mervis

Food historian and author Ben Mervis journeys across the UK to discover the landscapes where the country's most-treasured cuisine originated. Featuring home-cooked classics alongside lesser-known regional fare and the legendary dishes with roots beyond the borders, standouts include shepherd's pie, haggis, devils on horseback, sesame prawn toast and tikka masala. Foodies will learn the fascinating history of each dish's birthplace, while following user-friendly instructions and getting inspired by glorious scenic photographs.

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First Generation

First Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese-American Home

by Frankie Gaw

Frankie Gaw presents a tribute to Taiwanese home cooking in her hit release First Generation. Melding the flavours of suburban America with the ingredients and techniques his parents taught him, Gaw teaches us how to master bao, dumplings and scallion pancakes, with step-by step photography and detailed hand-drawn illustrations providing invaluable visual aids. Meanwhile, the likes of honey-mustard popcorn chicken, stir-fried rice cakes with bolognese and hand-pulled noodles reveal a snapshot of what it's like to grow up with feet in two different worlds.

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