Reader of the Month: Alexandra Hearth, Editor, DJ and Host of the Hot Girls Podcast

Reader of the Month: Alexandra Hearth, Editor, DJ and Host of the Hot Girls Podcast

We know that the best travel tips come from lived experience (and that SUITCASE readers have the most impeccable taste), so we’re checking in with you, our community of go-getting globetrotters. In this month’s column, we spotlight Alexandra “Lex” Hearth, an editor, DJ and host of the Hot Girls podcast.


Alexandra “Lex” Hearth




Marketing at Nike, editor at Cleopatras Worldwide, DJ and host
of the Hot Girls podcast

What type of traveller are you, in three words?

Cities, beauty, wine.

How and when did you discover SUITCASE?

I actually went to a talk that Serena [our founder] was speaking
at, maybe four years ago now. I related to her approach to travel,
to finding beauty in discovering and immersing yourself in a place,
rather than the “wanderlust” type experience which was being
heavily portrayed elsewhere at the time.

Tell us about your favourite trip.

Last summer I went to Italy with three very close and old
friends. We spent a night in Milan before getting the train out to

Lake Como
where we settled into an apartment for a few nights.
I was really struck by the calm magnificence of that place. The
lake, the food, the mountains all combined to create a level of
bliss that I found profoundly beautiful.

Any travel disasters?

I’ve lost a couple of phones and been to some questionable
parties. I got filmed by local media leaving a party in Istanbul
recently, which was unsettling – fortunately I have managed to stay
out of any serious trouble however. When I was younger, I did more
backpacking, less sleeping; 30-hour night buses with four changes
and “cocktail” buckets. I had a lot of fun, but I’m glad to now
have the freedom to stay in hotels with air-conditioning and nice

Where’s next on your travel list?

With 2020 being a bit of an interesting year for travel, I’ve
found myself spending time in Turkey which was very new to me. A
few weeks in Istanbul
has made me realise what a cool place it is – a fusion east and
west with sophisticated coffee shops and chaotic bazaars. It’s made
me want to see more of Turkey. Next up is Cappadocia, then Bodrum
and Antalya.

Do you have a favourite SUITCASE issue?

Oooh probably Vol. 15 The Good Life.

Is there a particular SUITCASE story that’s stuck with

A couple. I really enjoyed a recent piece which explored
because it highlighted a feeling I get when I’m
travelling – a willingness to really just exist and be in a place
for the time you’re there, rather than the consciousness that
you’re on holiday. Another I enjoyed recently was
exploring locations which had inspired authors
. I write myself,
so I always feel a connection with others who write.

What places would you like to see us cover next?

As I always have my laptop with me when I’m travelling, I would
love some inspiration for alternative places to go where you can
comfortably work but are maybe more off-grid, so to speak. Some
islands perhaps… please and thank you!

Let us in on your best travel tip…

If you want to go to nice places but are budget conscious, just
order coffee. You can go to the most beautiful bars, restaurants
and rooftops in the world and be quite comfortable with a coffee
for a couple of hours.

Your favourite podcast?

Hip-hop Saved My Life with Romesh Ranganathan (and of
course Hot Girls).

… and IG accounts?

My feed is a blend of inspiration and entertainment. I like
@cleopatrasworldwide, @loveofhuns and, in terms of people, @JoeKay from Soulection because he always seems to be
in the most beautiful places.

What are you reading at the moment?

The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker and The Alchemist by
Paulo Coehlo.

And finally, what’s in your suitcase?

Sun cream, headphones, two laptops (just in case), a socket
converter, a plug-in microphone, black leggings, leather trousers
and jackets (plural), a blow-dryer for humid climates, a silk eye
mask and red lipstick.

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