Tastemakers and Trailblazers Tell Us What Discovery Means to Them

Tastemakers and Trailblazers Tell Us What Discovery Means to Them

To celebrate the launch of SUITCASE Vol. 36, we asked tastemakers, trailblazers and friends of the magazine what “discovery” means to them.

does “discovery” mean to you? Sashaying across golden sand
on a far-flung island? Peering into a volcano, daredevil-style?
Jumping into the serene waters of your nearest river on a hazy
weekday morning, experiencing an unexpected moment of unbridled

The truth is, it’s personal. Discovery can be distant and
dramatic, or intimate and ephemeral. To celebrate the launch of
SUITCASE Vol. 36: Discovery, we’ve asked travel tastemakers and
trailblazers what the word means to them. Here’s what they told

Charlie Wild and Jessica Last from Achievable Adventure / @the.travel.project

Charlie Wild and Jessica Last

“For us, discovery is an essential component of a happy life. It
is the process through which we are able to expand our horizons,
try new things and learn about the world around us. It offers
endless possibilities and keeps us on our toes. A core ingredient
in travel, discovery is the fruit of exploration that means no two
days are the same. A life with discovery could never be

Charlie and Jessica are the duo behind @the.travel.project and the founders of Achievable
, a UK movement conceived to encourage regular
exploration in our everyday lives. Read about their small-scale
odysseys in the new issue.

Bruce Poon Tip in Peru

Bruce Poon Tip

“Discovery, for me, is about pushing myself beyond my comfort
zone, leaving the communities and people we feel most at home with
in order to experience new cultures, learn how others live and see
first-hand who we share this beautiful planet with. I always return
with a greater appreciation of where I come from and a better
understanding of my place in the universe. Discovery challenges us
to be better and more compassionate global citizens, where
acceptance replaces the fear of what we don’t understand or know.
It may start with the curiosity to explore the world, but it also
takes you on a journey to discover and find other sides of

Bruce is the founder of G Adventures, an
award-winning small-group adventure travel company with a focus on
community tourism. The company’s new itineraries that explore a
historic Bhutanese trail feature in Vol. 36.

Serena Guen MacLeod, found of SUITCASE Magazine, in Petra, Jordan
Image credit: Matthew K Firpo

Serena Guen MacLeod

“During lockdown, discovery flipped on its head. I was not only
forced to explore my own local area more, but even my own home and
self. As the world opens up and barriers come down, I am really
relishing my newfound sense of freedom. I have been rediscovering
my local city, London, and some great restaurants such as Noble Rot
in Soho. In terms of travel, I am much more intentional and my next
trips are all a big deep dive into Italy: Capri, Maremma, Florence, Porto Ercole and Portofino.”

Serena is the founder of SUITCASE Magazine and SUITCASE
Creative Studio. Her accolades include appearing in Forbes 30 Under
30 in 2017, being named among London’s 25 most influential
under-25s by the Evening Standard, winning a Woman of the Future
award for media and Natwest’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. She
is a #CookForSyria co-founder, and part of the team behind

Robyn Hope Nicholl and Rachel Rockowitz, founders of Step

Robyn Hope Nicholl and Rachel Rockowitz

“Every destination has a unique story waiting to be discovered,
whether it’s a hidden gem in your neighbourhood or a far-away land.
Discovery is a chance to explore the unknown, seek out adventures
and learn about new cultures. In addition to uncovering new things
in the physical world, discovery is about keeping our minds open
and agile, allowing for a broadening of horizons. That moment when
you step out somewhere new and feel totally different about
yourself, the world and all its possibilities is magical.”

Robyn and Rachel are the founders of Step, an
innovative app for finding, saving and sharing your favourite
places across the world.

Cherae Robinson, founder and CEO of Tastemakers Africa

Cherae Robinson

“Discovery for me is internal and external. It’s a byproduct of
curiosity, a value I hold deeply and live every day. It’s that
magical moment when something unknown becomes known and you can
feel expansion in your heart. It is the result of seeking. It is a
way to live. It is a practice that is core to me. It is travel; it
is healing; it is love.”

Cherae is the founder and CEO of Tastemakers Africa, a travel company dedicated to
bridging the gap between the African continent and its global
diaspora through curated travel itineraries.

Alex Eagle
Image credit: Genevieve Lutkin

Alex Eagle

“Discovery is about leaving the known and getting a bit lost.
Before travelling somewhere new, I greedily gather up tips and
suggestions for hotels, restaurants, galleries and shops, but the
best moment will always be when you just follow your nose round a
strange corner and find a fabulous shirtmaker or the best coffee of
your trip. The same is true at home in London. Walking everywhere
means that I am always heading down random alleys in Soho and finding new architecture and old
shops. We think we know our home turf so well that it becomes just
wallpaper, but there is always something new to discover if you
keep your head up and your eyes open.”

Alex is the founder and creative director of an emporium of
businesses centred around design, fashion and contemporary living,
including Alex Eagle Studio and Alex Eagle Sporting Club.

The mysterious Clerkenwell Boy, a gourmet guru based in London

Clerkenwell Boy

“What does discovery mean when we’re talking about food? For me,
it’s about going beyond the taste and “Instagrammability” of a
dish. It means delving deeper into the culture, history and
personal stories behind each – as well as the recipes handed down
over generations to create them.”

Clerkenwell Boy is the anonymous gourmet guru behind the
eponymous Instagram account @clerkenwellboyec1 and co-founder of @CookForUkraine and #CookForSyria.

Swedish designer, Charlotte Rey

Charlotte Rey

“The joy of discovery is what drives the curious mind to

Charlotte is an award-winning Swedish designer and
co-founder of London design studio Campbell-Rey.

Ben Pundole

“Discovery is an enormous topic of discussion in my circles.
Discovery is subjective, very personal and can encompass so many
things. For me, it’s really a feeling – when the climate, people,
nature, food and culture combine to create the perfect sense of
adventure or calm. Discovery can change from one day to the next
and, whether it makes you feel the most alive and excited or at
peace and tranquil, it’s the recognition and gratitude of that
moment that is the greatest discovery.”

Ben is an entrepreneur, hotel guru and editor-in-chief of
online travel magazine AHotelLife.com.

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