Where to Travel in 2021 According to Your Star Sign

Where to Travel in 2021 According to Your Star Sign

Planning a trip? We’ve consulted the stars to find the destinations that bring out the best of each zodiac sign – and where to stay when you visit. Explore Costa Rica, kick back on the Canary Islands, recalibrate in Ishikawa, Japan or go off-radar in Pakistan.

out the most exciting destinations of 2021, from
Shetland to the Sahara, we’ve pinpointed adventurous itineraries
suited to fire signs and the places where earth folks will feel
most grounded. Those governed by air will blow away stresses and
cement social connections, while sensitive water signs wash up in
small towns and soul-soothing islands.

Star attractions: the best 2021 destinations, according to your
zodiac sign


21 March – 19 April

Costa Rica

Ruled by Mars, fire-sign Aries gets a double whammy of
determination and ambition. Trailblazing comes second nature;
you’re the first sign of the zodiac, after all. To visit Costa Rica
is to fight fire with fire. The “rich coast” is a pioneer of
sustainable tourism, farm-to-fork restaurants and green energy – it
aims to be among the first carbon-neutral countries by 2050. Plus,
it punches above its weight in terms of biodiversity and outdoor
activities. Embrace pura vida ziplining through cloud forest,
hiking volcanoes, spotting bright-billed toucans and snoozing
sloths or navigating white-water rapids. Like this? Guyana is another good option for Aries.

Stay: Nayara Tented Camp


20 April – 20 May

Azores, Portugal

Earthly pleasures make Taureans tick, which is why we’re packing
you off to the Azores. Floating in the mid-Atlantic – 1,500km from
mainland Portugal – this cluster of nine volcanic farming islands
has been carved by nature. Expect dramatic cliffs, pastures fringed
by hydrangeas, geothermal pools and vineyards crisscrossed by
trails. As you island-hop between São Miguel, Faial, Terceira et
al., epicurean tendencies are indulged by deliciously cheap
pesticos and local grass-fed beef. This bull sign is known to grab
life by the horns, so we’ve pulled together a detailed guide to the Azores’
best places to stay and play.

Stay: Solar Branco Eco Estate


21 May – 20 June


Multifaceted Geminis need a destination that stimulates them
socially and intellectually, a place where you can both connect and
escape. Versatile Vietnam is a good foil for these twin desires.
Beau monde meets biodiversity in the newly opened Zannier Hotels
Bai San Hô, which has created a stir on a white-sand crescent in
Phú Yên. Meanwhile, summer 2021 will see the launch of The Vietage, a boutique train by Anantara that
puts a modern spin on Orient-Express opulence as it gently steams
between Da Nang and Quy Nhon. Like this? Geminis will be equally
happy hopping between Hong Kong’s shops and skyscrapers before
recharging on a
hiking trail
to Lion Rock and one of more than 100

Stay: Zannier Hotels Bai San Hô


21 June – 22 July

Shetland, Scotland

Staycations are best suited to crabby Cancers, the homebodies of
the zodiac. Thankfully, Britain – including its islands – has more
than 30,000km of coastline for this water-loving sign to visit.
Floating between mainland Scotland and Norway, the subarctic
Shetland archipelago coaxes you out of your shell geographically
but makes up for it by way of an elemental nature fix – the
wildlife and northern lights are big attractions – and a native
larder stocked with seafood, lamb and black potatoes. The Dowry in
Lerwick serves some of the best, but Cancerians will enjoy cosying
up with reestit mutton soup in The Peerie Shop Café.

Stay: Waters Edge, Brae


23 July – 22 August

Accra, Ghana

No sign likes to up the drama of the astronomical jungle like
Leo, and such fiery, outgoing personalities are well-matched by
Thanks to a young crowd embracing and elevating cultural
traditions, the Ghanaian capital is among Africa’s brightest, most
electric cities. The good weather is a balm to Leo’s sunny soul,
while its cultural attractions appeal to both Leo’s creativity and
spontaneity. On the agenda: Makola Market, the colourful clamour of
Jamestown, ANO art gallery and sunset strolls on Bojo Beach before
letting your mane down among Accra’s roaring nightlife.

Stay: Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City


23 August – 22 September

Helsinki, Finland

If high-achiever Helsinki had a star sign, it would be Virgo.
This smart, clean city claims to be the world’s “most functional
and sustainable”, and you’d be hard-pressed to find evidence to the
contrary. Between its Baltic air and marvellous architecture – note
Alvar Aalto’s Finlandia Hall – the Finnish capital has design savvy
to rival Copenhagen. Seeing as Virgos love to take charge of lists
and itineraries, we’ll get you started with some must-sees: Kiasma,
Amos Rex, Oodi library and Seurasaari island. Recharge with
forage-to-fork fare in Vanha Kauppahalli as well as excursions to
beaches and forests.

Stay: Hotel St George


23 September – 22 October

Ishikawa, Japan

Represented by the scales, Libra is the zodiac’s mediator. Much
of your energy can be given over to worrying or caring for others,
so we say: it’s time you find some inner balance in Ishikawa.
This lesser-visited coastal prefecture is prime territory for
slow-paced exploration interspersed with steaming away stresses in
Kaga Onsen. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and art,
Libras will revel in Ishikawa’s artistic heritage too. The
16th-century Madea clan kickstarted Kanazawa’s reputation as an
enclave of good craftsmanship, and today that manifests in
time-honoured Ohi ware ceramics and gold-leaf art. Roll up your
sleeves and join a workshop – our pocket guide to
features some of the best.

Stay: Kayotei


23 October – 21 November

Pioneertown, California, US

A little mysterious. Challenging the status quo. A craving for
deep experiences. Such traits typically matched up with Scorpio,
ruled by passionate and intense Pluto, could equally wind up in a
description of Pioneertown.
Set among San Bernardino’s High Desert – a 40-minute drive from
Palm Springs – this 1940s Western movie set turned real-life
residence is ideal for Scorpios who like to get to the heart of a
destination. Knock elbows with its close community of avant-garde
creatives in Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace between
browsing artisan makers along Mane Street. Good news that Scorpios
are night owls; views of the Milky Way are excellent from here.

Stay: Pioneertown Motel


22 November – 21 December


Sagittarius folk are born explorers. Symbolised by the wise
archer, this last fire sign of the zodiac is forever planning its
next odyssey, eager to broaden horizons. India, New Zealand and
Iceland are some obvious recommendations here, but independent
spirits would really thrive in
. Intrepid travellers are yanked out of their comfort zone,
trekking between the Sahara, Ennedi Plateau and Tibesti Mountains,
and embarking on safaris in Zakouma National Park. Need a
metropolitan fix? Set your sat nav for the port capital of

Stay: Camp Nomade


22 December – 19 January


The adventure-travel destination par excellence. Shaking off its
troubled past, Pakistan is in the
early stages of a tourism renaissance, spurred by easing travel
restrictions and improved flight connections to Islamabad. It’s not
a completely risk-free destination, but Capricorns are well known
for their ability to rise to a challenge and take the road less
travelled. Symbolised by the hardy goat, this sign will be in its
element with their calves burning across the 3,700m Shandur Pass
and zipping along the jaw-dropping Karakoram highway. The Mughal
architecture of Lahore
satisfies their penchant for history too.

Stay: The Nishat Hotel Johar Town


20 January – 18 February


Innovative, creative and a touch rebellious, Aquarians are the
pioneers of social and technological change – and the sign most
likely to enjoy Georgia’s visa for digital nomads. Its program
“Remotely from Georgia” invites entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote
workers and their families to stay in the country for up to a year.
Extended workation?
Sorted. Thanks to the country’s proximity to Europe, Asia and the
Silk Road, Georgia is a melting pot of culture – most notably in
the capital, Tbilisi.
Between clocking in office hours, enjoy some R&R in the sulphur
baths before mingling with the liberal elite in design-forward
concept stores and bars buzzing off Georgian wine. Stepantsminda
makes for a dramatic weekend break.

Stay: Stamba Hotel


19 February – 20 March

Canary Islands

Pisces are a sensitive, spiritual bunch – after all this water
sign has soaked up the wisdom of its astrological predecessors.
It’s a heavy load to bear, so a soul-soothing break in the Canary
should be on the cards. Think peaceful walks between
the pines of Gran Canaria, morning yoga warmed by the north African
rays and indulging your fishy alter ego surfing at Fuerteventura’s
Punta Blanca. Recalibrate mind and body on excursions between lush
La Palma and Lanzarote, where lava fields give way to minimalist
buildings dreamed up by architect César Manrique in the 60s. Book a
spot at Mirador del Río restaurant and order some local plonk.

Stay: Faro Punta Cumplida

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